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Education in Afghanistan has seen significant changes in recent decades. After the fall of the Afghan government, we have made efforts to increase access to education, especially for girls who were largely denied education under the Taliban.

Awesta's education initiative focuses on providing various short-term and long-term learning opportunities for youth, with a particular focus on girls in Afghanistan. We partner with leading education institutions globally and provide skills-based training and certification programs to help young people increase their chances of finding jobs in their field by advancing their skills and expertise to match the global job market. In addition, we focus on skills that enable youth to qualify for remote employment worldwide. Based on the situation in Afghanistan, our priority for 2023 -2025 is on those sectors and skills that enable the youth to find remote jobs from Afghanistan.

In partnership with prominent institutions, we offer computer programming, coding, design, job-linked bootcamps, and other learning opportunities to enable students to advance their skills and qualify for jobs with international companies. These courses are available to students with formal education from any educational institution or with experience in their fields. Classes are provided online through recorded and live video sessions.

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