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Following the collapse of the government of Afghanistan in August 2021, our team has been providing counseling sessions to Afghan people who were forced to migrate due to the circumstances in the country, and also have been in close touch with people inside the country to help them overcome the trauma of losing jobs, income, learning opportunities, and others. These sessions are conducted through different means of communication that are comfortable for the participants, and the conversations are kept private for safety and security purposes.

These counseling sessions were initially focused on transition management. Our team aimed to help the participants overcome their immediate challenges and think through their options with someone they could trust and who could provide them with proper advice.

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Education in Afghanistan has seen significant changes in recent decades. After the fall of the Afghan government, we have made efforts to increase access to education, especially for girls who were largely denied education under the Taliban.



Employment in Afghanistan has been affected by ongoing conflict, weak economic growth, and limited job opportunities. The unemployment rate in Afghanistan is high, particularly among young people, and many Afghans struggle to find decent work.



We will launch our new initiative to provide health and wellness consultancy sessions through audio/video calls to the vulnerable people in Afghanistan. This initiative registers volunteer doctors in and outside the country to allocate a few hours of their time weekly and advise several registered patients weekly.